...Yay!!! Greetings!!!

My name is Kim Swann...I am THRILLED to share with you what I have been creating! 

Thank you for showing up here. I really would love to connect and want you to know that I offer free collective intuitive oracle card readings and tea parties virtually every new moon! So get your teapot ready and let's manifest! You can sign up on my email list for that...

I have been creating art my whole life. First with my grandma early early on and even my great grandma who was a porcelain china painter had me dabbling in her studio I can remember way back in Panama City Florida. I am so very happy to be creating my paintings as my main profession in North Carolina and Georgia these days along with hairstyling, and oracle card readings with my own hand painted cards filled and activated with so much unconditional love!  

The idea that art and connection with others and living your souls purpose heals the body, mind, and spirit gives me so much peace and affirming faith. Everyone has a unique design divinely imprinted to our own souls. Through my art I hope to communicate the essence of that connection and wisdoms that want to come forth with the paintings. That is probably why most of my paintings have either writing or a song or meditation to come along with it. I just couldn't contain it to only paper! If anything resonates with you while looking at any work I would love for you to share in the comments below the pieces. 

If you are ever interested in receiving a personalized oracle card reading I often run exciting specials on those that will be announced in newsletters. If you would ever like to have a reading along with a personalized intuitive painting to have to hang in your home that is a really fun option too!