Divine Soul Essence

These collections are guided by my connection to a power within...Many of these paintings were started waking in the early hours of the mornings before day light for quiet and meditation.  I would find myself journeying through galaxies rooting myself to the earth that senses would arise that I did not expect, like once the sense of taste and smell which has inspired my tea and plant study further even now offering new moon tea ceremonies. Capturing the essence of these meditations was my goal here. I would get lost in the flow of paint usually not even realizing what it was I was painting until I took a step back. Using knowledge from the many art workshops through the years, formal schools, and being surrounded by it from my grandmother as a child I bring forth and trust divine messages from the paintings and enjoy the use of them as guides throughout life as well. I believe all art when authentically drawing or painted from the heart has great purpose in movement to a healthy, healed , thriving civilization.