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Wild Writings of Serendipitous Flow

Updated: Mar 6

When my consciousness awakens to my inner wisdoms, power, and love I must share. Its for me as much as it is for anyone reading. I feel that the inner voice for me is as potent as the momentum from a moving train. If not expressed I find that the energy finds a way out anyways so I might as well use it as wisely as I can.


One topic of my 44 Wild Moon Heart Oracle cards is Breath.... Theres lots of meanings given to breath and depending on what relation to other cards pulled or the topic on hand or download given breath can mean a number of things. My take on it in a few paragraphs here is to let it flow or breathe in all the goodness and release the negative." Another way to utilize breath is I also love to take in a universal truth such as I am truth or I am love and breath in affirming that God is (truth, love, power, wisdom, etc...) and I Am Love, Wisdom, Truth, Power, etc.... By adding an action like breathing in and out and really feeling the God is within (or you can call it whatever you like....Energy, Source, Great Spirit....) I like to breath into knowing that's within me and breathe out expressing as I am. It becomes so one.

I also love the idea of Breath as simply and vitally what keeps us alive. Ironically, because a box jellyfish as pictured here's venom is considered to be one of the deadliest in the world, what I see and feel from the animal is its strength and ability to flow through the oceans so naturally seemingly as involuntarily as a persons breath in which keeps us alive. I am sure even those tentacles are vital to this jellyfish yet they look so flowy through the water and also look as though they are almost in a tangled disorder. I am sure if another creature were looking onto the human species it may appear as breath is chaotic as wow sometimes its heavy and sometimes light, sometimes fast paced and sometimes slow. It may look haphazard although all of our breaths in all forms are necessary or we would die or be unhealthy if breathing was not just right for that moment of what the body would need at that time. Even the inner structure of this jellyfish looks a bit like a set of lungs. To me the jellyfish symbolizes vitality as meaning from the dictionary, the power giving continuance of life, present in all living things. There must be a continuum of breath or there would be no life.

Finally, last thoughts for now, but not least. Those "Aha" moments!... Epiphanies!.... When something clicks!... having realizations! There is so much excitement in this way and breath is naturally released! Like birth itself! One of my wildest memories is of giving birth to my daughter and asking the nurses "what do I do with all this pressure!?" It wasn't time for me to push yet and yet I felt like I might burst, literally. Their answer "pretend you are blowing out candles." Okay!... so that actually worked and what got me through. Breath is amazing and vital. Try all kinds of breath work. Experiment! Play! Research...take a class. Breath is sure to also assist in creating those aha moments and inspirations! I know there are so many lessons about breath I didn't cover here. I encourage you to come up with your own. It's such a gift, this life. Breath is something really worthy of spending time to contemplate.

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