• Kim Swann

Divine Timing

Intention, patience, and alignment are key ingredients to divine timing. With clear intentions set and stepping into life in connection with source being your own I Am, life unfolds naturally in divine timing, at its own pace, patiently. It is easy to get distracted by life that we become unhinged from our source at times so its a never-ending labor of love that's essential. Divine timing does not happen on its own. Funny, because you have probably heard the saying "it all happens in divine timing." It does and its important to note that alignment is necessary so it also doesn't just happen with no work involved. With alignment comes living consciously bravely trusting and knowing when to act upon your intuition. Life as my good friend says when something is intense and all the feels from every angle emotionally, spiritually, "no joke." Take time to play with divine timing too. Finding fun ways to set intentions like creating a vision board or saying aloud through song or a movement of expression that means what your intentions are and then living life in the moment consciously almost forgetting you even made that intention but living life as though its already done. Pray! Pray for others! Enjoy! Play and be present! The saying "no worries" you've heard that one before I am sure. Yes, indeed, divine timing takes the worry out of life when you realize it is "all in divine timing." The pressure is off and you see that you're not in control of every finite detail. Breathe through life conscious, aware, accountable and with love... you'll find that the job you have of "being" rather than doing is so much more gratifying, unlocking the door of unlimited potential for you and God, your great spirit within, you, the great I Am has got this!

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