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One With Nature

Updated: Jan 18

The Oracle One with Nature is one of my favorite sacred subjects. This cards meaning comes through in many forms. First, the ability to go with the flow to be flexible and adaptable in a way that I myself can go with the flow, stretch, grow and adapt to new seasons. I can do this in a holistic manner that feels good and not compromising my values when I am rooted stable with the earth and connected to the source within. I think of it as as a calmness found in the depths of human existence. When I am tapped into this deep deep inner nature I can adapt and change if needed in the world. I can go with the flow naturally in positive ways. To connect with nature and tap into this oneness I walk barefoot on the ground, touch or hug a tree, drink tea giving reverence and honor to the teas wisdom, plant, and water, I communicate sometimes even aloud with plants in my home or even with myself, and I meditate surrounding myself with crystals, sage, and palo Santo.

Before I ever thought about making my own oracle deck or considered this as a subject that I would one day write about I would think to myself about all the delicate flowers and butterflies in the forest…. imagining grasshoppers and thin leaves as delicate as they appear instinctively finding shelter and protection during a storm. So many miracles happen. These little seemingly small whispers of creations make it through alive when meant to be and so will I! This thought has eased my stresses so many times.As I know I am one with nature. I am the divine God/ Goddess self that wants to come forth for the greater good, always. Being one with nature is so great it is everything and yet is constantly overlooked by humans. It is what powers the essence that translates the message of how we emerge into the world.

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